Coasting: An Introduction

For the past week I’ve been pondering an introductory post.

Being the meticulous, thoughtful Virgo I am, I promptly conducted research.

  • I combed through my favorite blogs to observe their humble beginnings.
  • I Googled “how to write your first blog post”.
  • I wrote down sparks + snippets on my morning commutes to work.
  • I hoarded half-baked, dissatisfying drafts.

Here is what I learned:

  1. There is no “right” way to start a blog. You just post something and trust in momentum.
  2. You figure things out by doing them.
  3. Your own ideas are powerful. Always give them a voice.
  4. Half-baked is a necessary part of the process. [Here’s a favorite blog post from Raptitude that talks about the importance + value of your less-than-stellar work.]

And a bonus lesson:

5. Things will fall into place. Trying too hard sometimes becomes precisely what you are trying to avoid: a lack of results.

So – to use an analogy that doesn’t really apply to me because I don’t own a car but will still illustrate my point – I ease up on the gas pedal and I choose instead to coast, knowing that while both ways may take me to where I want to be, only one of them will allow me to enjoy the scenery along the way.

And I do love me some scenery.

“Instead of trying harder, try softer.” —Eleanor Roosevelt



8 thoughts on “Coasting: An Introduction

  1. Eeee! So excited for this beautiful beginning that is brimming with your endless potential! “You figure things out by doing them.” Truth bomb right there, girl. So happy that we get to enjoy the scenery with you. ❤

  2. I think this is so true. There is just so much information out there about what to blog and the best this and that, it’s easy to feel just completely overwhelmed. Looking forward to joining you on this journey xx

  3. Almost all celebrities and influencers have their own blogs right now that I’m intimidated to click that Publish button. I just published my first blog post this morning, and while I still have self-doubts, reading this post of yours validated my desire to write things down and let others read them. So, thank you for these wise words and I hope you write + publish more. 😉

    • I know what you mean! There are just so many bloggers out there right now. It took me ages to start my own, even though I’ve known for years that it was something I wanted to pursue, because I kept asking myself: what can I offer that’s not already out there? But I think it just comes down to trusting your own desires + remembering that your perspective is uniquely your own and that in itself is so valuable!

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m so happy you found some much-deserved validation through this post. ❤

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