*Not* a definitive guide to finding purpose

The featured image for this post is a “Little 11” poem I wrote for a writing prompt challenge going around the poetry community on Instagram (SHAMELESS SELF PLUG: you can follow my poetry at @tryingsofter). The poem structure of this particular challenge called for 11 words only, but I found that when I was done I had slightly more than 11 words to say about the topic, so instead of blasting the caption field with this, I thought I’d lay it out nice & neat on my blog. Everything in its right place.

Cost of purpose
breaks the bank
when we spend without intention.

This could apply to money, but mainly I’m talking about time & energy costs. Here is what I have learned over the past couple of years about “finding your purpose”:

1) Invest wisely.

2) Intention is everything. EVERYTHING. E V E R Y T H I N G.

3) Pay attention. Choose your words & actions in alignment.

4) Purpose = alignment = balance = happiness = purpose. See? Easy peasy.

5) The formula is easy peasy but that doesn’t mean it won’t take you years to figure that shit out. The pathway to the answer is surprisingly convoluted for being nothing but a bunch of equal signs. Arriving to it takes huge amounts of patience, faith, and trust.

6) So cultivate patience, faith, and trust.

7) Don’t believe everything you hear about “purpose” looking or feeling a specific way. Purpose is relative. It’s all you, baby, it’s all you. Explore to your heart’s content, and claim what makes it sing.

8) Don’t take my word for it. Everyone finds their purpose in their very own way and this is by no means a definitive guide. I just wanted to throw my perspective out there.

Do you have anything to add to this list?


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